Breaking the Cycle film

While in Norway, I visited this prison, Halden Fengsel, on July 4th where I met with Warden Are Hoidal and he showed me clips of this film.
Deputy Warden Jan R Strømnes recently emailed me that this was now available on Netflix here in the U.S. and below you will find a link to YouTube showing the full version.

While at Halden prison, I had the amazing opportunity to tour the entire facility and sat with Sam Tax, the musician in the recording studio, and staff member Rune Ulfeng to discuss prisons in both the United States and in Norway. It was such an uplifting and once in a lifetime experience I will always cherish. All of the people I encountered at Halden prison – staff and inmates alike- were positive and respectful, urging me to bring their ideas of incarceration here to the United States. I am striving to do just that through this research.

I have also spoken with Karianne Wolfer from North Dakota and her point of view on corrections is absolutely positive and inspiring. I wish her the best with her endeavors of continuing improvements to carceral facilities in North Dakota and to the rest of the country. I only hope that my research leads to improvements on the design of the facilities, though design is not the main issue. Respect is lacking and design cannot solve that problem. Pushing for humane facilities that bring a sense of normalcy in regards to how inmates live daily, abolishing solitary confinement, and providing areas that foster self improvement over pure punishment are proven to work, as shown in this film.

I believe everyone should watch this film whether involved with corrections or not.

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