Day 1: Regional Headquarters

To kick off my prison tour here in Ontario, Canada, I met with two Design Coordinators from the Correctional Service Canada (CSC), Yomna Anani and Maria Cinquino. Though they work out of the Ottawa office, they were kind enough to travel here to Kingston to meet with me at the Regional Headquarters and share a great deal of information regarding design practices for the correctional system, both past ideas and how they want to design their future prisons to promote a normative lifestyle.

CSC works on a transitional system; it is preferred that offenders begin their sentences in higher security facilities and gradually move to minimum security accommodations. This idea is shared with the Scandinavian countries I previously visited over the summer of 2017 meant to transition the inmates into society without the burden of reintegration practices upon release.

When discussing where the CSC prefers to locate their prisons, Yomna informed me that they have no plans to construct new prisons as they do not currently have a need and they are focusing their efforts on updating their existing institutions to meet the new goals of corrections in Canada.

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