9. Halden Fengsel

Last but certainly not least, Halden Fengsel in Halden Norway is my final tour of a prison facility here in the Nordic countries. I met with warden Are Hoidal for most of the day on July 4th where we discussed Halden’s policies and design as the “Rolls Royce” of prisons, as it has been called previously.

Halden Prison is a high security prison for male inmates. Built in 2010, this innovative design is one-of-a-kind in Norway. The master plan appears much like a college campus located in a densely wooded and hilly area.

Upon arrival at the front door, however, there is no doubt you have arrived at a high security prison. The entire campus is bordere3d by a high concrete wall. “Maximum security outside, maximum freedom inside” is the motto.

Though I was not able to take my own photos inside of the prison, I am working with the warden to gain the images I need. I was luck however in that Mr. Hoidal was able to capture an image of me with the famous mural located in one of the exercise areas.

I am holding in this picture a cookbook which was created by the inmates, printed by the inmates, and a gift to me by the warden.